Monday, January 20, 2014

Quick State of the JM Address

  • Even though it is normally not my thing, I was able to join a few friends in the ocean last week...and I swam the furthest distance I've ever dared to go (the 5th/last buoy at end of the pier)! Mind you, this is a lot like bragging that you finally rode a bike without training wheels...about three feet. It helped having Joey, Heidi, Karen and Kua there to help scare away all the sharks. While it's always very pretty to see all the tropical fish and coral below, it's tough for me to completely relax when I know hungry tiger sharks are circling around out there looking for the meatiest chum they can find. So between that and the fact that the water was a bit choppy (I felt like puking all the way home), it's still not quite a magical, therapeutic experience for me. But because it's great cross training, and because I've had a longtime goal to see dolphins while swimming, I'm going to keep at it. :-)
  • The speed workouts have officially freaked me out. The first two weren't too bad, but the third one hurt and left my legs feeling fatigued for days. Though I'd hoped to uncover a new competitive spirit in myself on this journey, so far it's gone the opposite way (I feel like stopping, crying, sitting down on the side of the road and eating ice cream...YES, through the tears). But it's still premature to say, and so I'm still committed to giving this my best. I'm both excited and nervous to test my progress in Feb (5k) and March (10k).
  • I'm about 90% done filing our taxes for the year. I admit that I look forward to this every year. I'm no tax maven (I rely on Turbo Tax), but I love the sense of satisfaction of being done. Though it isn't a pretty year (I'm going to be seriously pouting come April 15th when it's time to pay the tax man)...I'm just grateful to be almost done with the paperwork gathering and anxious nail biting.
  • The 2014 visitor line up is looking awesome so far. We have Lana coming in February (she and I will be doing the 5k together), Grammy Kay in May (for Ryan's birthday), and the Kalanjians in June. However, the second half of the year is pretty c'mon Dave & Cathy, Judy and Kathy!  
  • Two people I'm very close to are pregnant!!! I'll be throwing one of them a shower and can't wait. The other one I would love to do the same, but, well...see the next bullet point.
  • One of my besties is moving soon. Far, far away. So instead, I'll be throwing her a going away party. :-( I've penned her a mushy good bye letter, which I'll post another day. For now, I will sulk. (But I'm also thrilled for her. She's going for the very best reasons- to be closer to family and to get her Ph.D. How awesome is that?)
  • Rich and I have become assistant helpers to the amazingly caring coach for Ryan's t-ball team. What Rich and I know about t-ball combined could fit on a post it note. Thankfully, what the children know about t-ball could fit on a postage stamp. ;-) Nonetheless, I've already placed an order for some royal blue athletic gym shorts, tube socks and a whistle (so I can at least rock the part).
  • Because we still have a page-long list of home improvement projects/repairs, Rich goes to Lowes approximately 17.9 times per week. Often more. Today he was asked to get me fish poop fertilizer (yes, some stupid people pay for this stuff) and organic neem oil (since my squash, strawberries and baby tomato stems are being annihilated by bugs, and this is a greener, cleaner way of exterminating them). He said he was too embarrassed to ask anyone where the 'fish poop' was and that it took forever. ;-) And here I thought sending a man to get you tampons was the worst thing you could do...
  • I'm addicted to natural peanut butter. Spread on Dave's Killer Bread. I. can't. stop.
  • In one week I start night school getting sub certified. A little nervous to see how I handle it. I haven't been in a classroom since 1997. That's seventeen years, people. Are Asians still front row brown-nosers? I don't want to step on other nerds toes, so this is a legitimate question.
  • In less than a month and a half, we're going on our trip. I am happiest packing a suitcase. I think the anticipation is almost as fun as the trip itself.
  • Ry went on his first sleepover (that was more than 1/4 mile away from us at my parent's house)! He was invited to stay at the Hilton Waikoloa (child heaven) with his cousins and their parents. A few pics of the terrible time he had (since I'm sure he was bereft and grief stricken missing his parents 24/7)...
Yup. Those definitely look like tears filling his goggles.
What a fake smile. He's clearly miserable and wants to come home.


Tina Marie Parker said...

Love the Hilton, and my kid loves that slide. I was just ask when we were headed back to Hawaii for Lavaman. Funny I just browsed your page and there is a picture.

Anonymous said...

I watched a National Geographic special that said that sharks are repelled by magnets and they put one on the side of the shark tank and the shark hightailed it to the other side. They are thinking of putting them on fishing hooks so they don't get caught in nets. I thought that next time I go in the ocean, I would have a magnet with me. You might want to google it and see if there are any other articles out there on this.