Sunday, June 29, 2014

The latest on the island...

Kona Half #4 
I just ran the Kona Half for the fifth time, so this isn't really a race report so much as it is a quick race summary. Medicore training = mediocre performance. I ran it the same time as last year (2:09). A few other points:
  • Like the other years- I almost won (I think only about 190 other people who managed to squeak by me). ;-)
  • Despite Body Glide and tape, I had serious chafing on my chest. Next year I'm taping up like a mummy so I can avoid the post-run shower screeching and week long itching.
  • The last mile of the race course still kinda blows- brutal hill, gravel road, thick grass, narrow sidewalk maze and a ramp (vs. the stairs). But this is not the reason I sucked, it's the reason I cramped up a quarter mile from the finish and ran in with funny, choppy, mince-like steps so I wouldn't fall over.
  • Was so surprised and happy to see my high school and college teammate at the starting line of the race, and then to bump into her a few days later on Walua Road. She kicked my arse (some things never change) glad to see her doing so well!
I'm definitely in a rut. Losing my longtime running partner and friend have left me uninspired and unmotivated. I have no upcoming races. I'd love to do LA in 2015, but not sure we can all get the time off from work/school and afford a trip over Spring Break.

Last Day of Summer School!
Don Ho would be proud...singing and dancing to Pearly Shells.
We love our awesome school's summer program (amongst other things), and can't wait for the coming years, when Ry finally becomes eligible to enroll in the summer hula class or ukulele ensemble!

Cultural Festival at Pu'u Honua O Honaunau (City of Refuge)
This was my and Ryan's third time to the festival, but Rich's first. I find it to be the best opportunity to soak up Hawaiian art, language, culture, dance and music that you'll find in Kona all year long. Aside from the hoards of visitors and the blazing heat, there is little not to love about the festival. Park entrance is free that day, and depending on your interests, there are over a dozen displays of Hawaiian culture that you are welcome to participate in. We kicked off the day with our favorite- an outrigger canoe ride. No dolphin sighting this year, but the most amazing, clear blue water that made me want to ditch the canoe and jump right in.

Sanding down our bamboo nose flutes
Sanding, cleaning and polishing our 'ipu
Checking out the fishpond...fascinated by the circular holes the fish must create (to lay eggs I'm guessing?) at the bottom of the pond
Weaving a carrier for his 'ipu  
Spear throwing at the banana stalks (the banana stalks won)
I am proud to say that if my banana stalk were a human, that I annihilated his little toe in battle. 
Playing Hawaiian games (ulu maika and club throwing/sliding)

Sampling the kawa...and remembering that we are not fans of it...but drinking it anyway to prove our manhood.
Trying to blow the conch-shell sounding bamboo instruments they just made

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