Saturday, July 05, 2014

Ryan's Fourth & Fifth of July

Hot dogging for the crowd
What better way to celebrate being American than stuffing ourselves with grilled meat and watching massive fireworks pollute the Earth? :-)

We kicked off Friday with a short AM race for me...and for whatever the reason- it felt like the first time I've run in my entire life. Granted it was hot, and I haven't been running much lately, but still. Shame. My stomach hurt, I was pouring sweat, I had no felt like a death march. On the upside, I got to do the race with my good friend A who hasn't run in years, and who has never run that far it was rewarding to see A accomplish that.

After my abysmal run, we had a nice, small family BBQ before a second member of our family had a race that day. And thankfully, he redeemed the family name with a solid performance. His kiddie race was AWESOME- all ages (5-17) competed together (so no having to wait for multiple waves of kids), plus the kids got to run the parade route...which meant tons of supportive community cheering the whole route! It was SO fun to see everyone clapping and cheering for all the kids (and their huffing, puffing red-faced parents tailing behind). ;-)

Ry and his buddies pre-race
Our little speedster shocked us by finishing in 4:14. I was proudest of the fact that he was soooo excited to race, and that he never walked (I had expected it since we never actually run with him). 

Shooting out of the gate! 
Once Ry was done, I got to watch the parade and fireworks show with him and the rest of our family red-faced, drenched in sweat. Which meant that even in cramped quarters, I usually had quite a wide berth around me. (Being disgusting has its upsides.)

The next day we were up and at 'em again at Home Depot with friends to build a own bug cage.
We made ours upside down and would have skipped two steps (all caught by my architect friend). However, since it was my first time and I'm spatially impaired, I consider it a victory that it even resembled a bug cage and not say, a lamp, by the time we finished.
Once we finished massacring the bug cage, we jetted north to Mauna Lani for what was touted as a 'free' summer event. And by 'free,' they meant you would only spend about $20-30 per child, since we had to pay for the bouncy house, the slide, the climbing wall, the cotton candy, etc. However, Ryan still called it 'the best day of my life' (he says this about 5-6 times per year) it was still very, very worth it.

I'll pay $ for that laugh any day.

His 8th time down the slide...this kid is a total adrenaline junkie.
What he is not? A climber.  
After spending the first two days of our three day weekend covered in sweat running after Ryan, I plan on hunkering down at home tomorrow and eating my feelings. Hope your Fourth & Fifth were slightly less sticky, but as great as ours were. :-) 


Anonymous said...

Great Day for you all!

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